Thursday, 14 April 2011

Who gives a shit tuesday

when you need sleep it seems impossible to get it.  Why the hell is that?  It's like, my damn dog gets to sleep whenever he wants (especially when I have to study for exams), so why the F not me???  Well I took matters into my own hands today, and not only slept in, but ate enough food to make Mary-Kate Olsen tip the scale at 99 pounds.  Oh, and barely studied...  Yeah great plan eh? Well the way I see it, my mental health is worth more than like 5% higher on a final...  Probably flawed way of looking at things, but honestly at this point I could care less....  I'll just need a grande light roast and I should be able to pull some shit about Hamlet out of my ass...  Wow that sounded terrible...  But ya know what?? I'm keepin it in cuz I have deemed this day, "who gives a shit tuesday"...
Shit it's Wednesday.

Thursday, 24 March 2011


Anyone wanna do a Maori research paper???  

 Deadly culture

But I still lack motivation

Thursday, 17 March 2011

st paddy's

reminds me of guinness and Ireland 

not quite the same as studying' for a midterm 

I beleive in fate and destiny,

 thinking before speaking.

Takin' the bait,

and lovin' your mother

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Beast With Two Backs

I've very very very very slowly started to gain an appreciation for Shakespeare after having to take a class on the dude....  Still can't bring myself to finish my research paper on him....  GEEZE....  "The gendering of madness"...  Good luck me...

Madness is perceived as weakness, but it's used as a tool to help the main character to acheive revenge without being suspect...

The only truly crazy person in a play I've studied is Ophelia...  It elludes to the perceived weakness of women...



 Welcome to my blog I wonder how long I will keep it... Cuz all I wanna do is get outside (but unfortunately it's March, and 2:30 am)....   

My Dream: