Thursday, 14 April 2011

Who gives a shit tuesday

when you need sleep it seems impossible to get it.  Why the hell is that?  It's like, my damn dog gets to sleep whenever he wants (especially when I have to study for exams), so why the F not me???  Well I took matters into my own hands today, and not only slept in, but ate enough food to make Mary-Kate Olsen tip the scale at 99 pounds.  Oh, and barely studied...  Yeah great plan eh? Well the way I see it, my mental health is worth more than like 5% higher on a final...  Probably flawed way of looking at things, but honestly at this point I could care less....  I'll just need a grande light roast and I should be able to pull some shit about Hamlet out of my ass...  Wow that sounded terrible...  But ya know what?? I'm keepin it in cuz I have deemed this day, "who gives a shit tuesday"...
Shit it's Wednesday.